International Airport Surveys

We offer international military & civilian airport surveys. All services meet ICAO, EASA, and CAA compliance standards.

At Paul Fassam Geomatics, our chartered surveyors are capable of providing boundary surveys in London, the South East, and the South West, with bespoke topographic surveys completed to show the legal boundaries of a property or a plot of land. We work closely with you as the client, creating specially made base plans tailored to your individual requirements, to give you the information you need relating to boundary lines.

As qualified land surveyors, we use the latest GNSS technology to complete a boundary survey, gathering all the vital data needed to define boundaries and resolve ownership disagreements between neighbouring parties.

Our expert boundary surveyors provide a wide range of services

Working as your specialist boundary surveyor, we offer a comprehensive service throughout London and cater for clients in the South East and the South West by offering all of the following services to landowners:

• Boundary dispute plans
• Demarcation of properties and boundaries
• Expert witness service
• Land parcel surveys
• Surveys for the assessment of land for sale

Land disputes can arise at any time, if you require proof of ownership or simply want to fix the boundaries and have peace of mind, we have the perfect solution for you here at Paul Fassam Geomatics, and we are more than happy to discuss this issue with you at the most convenient time.

Contact Paul Fassam for a boundary survey from a trusted land surveyor

Here at Paul Fassam Geomatics, we are very proud of our reputation as highly experienced boundary surveyors and are well-known for the quality and high level of detail for each and every survey we complete. We deliver surveys that are easy to understand and contain all the details you require to settle boundary disputes for good.

Whatever the reason you need to arrange a survey of your boundaries, our qualified and experienced land surveyors are here to service your needs.

For more information about our boundary and land surveys in London and to find out how we can help you further, please contact us online today or call us on +44(0)1752 907 355.

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  • General Surveys

    CAP232 Civil Aviation surveys:

    • Measured heights
    • Obstacle identification
    • Navigation aids reporting
    • OLS surface generation
    • Penetration reports
    • PAPI surveys and calibration
    • Google Earth based GIS reporting

    EASA aerodrome design:

    • European aerodrome specification analysis
    • Regulatory EASA transition reporting

    Wider regulatory compliance:

    • WGS84 geodetic survey positioning
    • ICAO Annex 14 & 15 compliance reporting
  • UAV Pavement Inspection

    Paul Fassam Geomatics Ltd has been pioneering drone technology around airfields for some time now. UAV pavement inspections are our latest offering which promise to revolutionize this historically slow practice.

    Using either a multi-rotor or fixed wing aircraft, a low-level grid is flown over the hardened areas. High-resolution photography captures the surface to a resolution in excess of 3mm. These photos are then rectified to produce a flat 1:1 image of the entire survey area. The image allows pavement inspectors to safely measure and mark features in the safety of their office.

    Overal this method greatly improves the deliverable whilst also saving time on site. The UAV can operate safely between flights under the control of ATC.

  • PAS128 Underground Services Survey

    We provide a full suite of services to provide greater confidence to clients in underground utility detection, maintenance, and replacement.

    • Electronic detection of buried services
    • Ground penetrating radar
    • Remote visual surveys
    • Inspection chamber records
    • Interpretation of historical data

    PAS 128 provides a robust methodology for delivering utility surveys in the UK. It focuses on levels of accuracy – referred to as Survey Category Types – that you can specify when requiring a PAS 128 compliant underground utility survey.

    There are four Survey Category Types ranging from D – A:

    PAS 128 Survey Category Type D

    Underground utility plotted from utility record data only (not detected by geophysical methods).

    PAS 128 Survey Category Type C

    Underground utility plotted from utility record data only, but with site reconnaissance to match utility record with physical utility street furniture as a best fit.

    PAS 128 Survey Category Type B

    Utility detected by geophysical methods (single or multiple) to obtain a horizontal position and/or vertical position. (Depth) For the positional accuracy of each QL-B sub category please refer to the Accuracy Diagram.

    PAS 128 Survey Category Type A

    Utility verified and positioned by physical identification. This may be by strategically positioned vacuum excavation, hand dug trail pitting or by visual inspection within a utility chamber.

  • Planning Applications

    • Web based client request form
    • OLS penetration calculation
    • Graphical reporting
  • 3D Capture

    • 3D bridge & structures surveyed using non-contact robotic or laser scanning
    • Wide area terrestrial photogrammetric UAV surveys
    • Rectified photographic elevation surveys
    • A variety of deliverable products
  • Physical Criteria

    Aerodrome compliance surveys to MADS, ICAO & Civil Aviation Authority design specification.

    Runway and taxiway:

    • Vertical alignment reporting
    • Slope gradient analysis
    • Runway/Taxiway classification
    • Topographic survey

    Aerodrome infrastructure:

    • Aerodrome signage identification
    • Air side limit checks
    • Obstacle check and reports
    • Air side furniture cataloging

    Paint markings:

    • Paint patterns
    • Type of marking
    • Colour
    • Taxiway & apron classification
    • Quality & conformity checks


    • Data rich GIS deliverable
    • Tabular reporting
    • Geo-located photo references
    • Pass/fail analysis
    • Compliance advice
  • Topographic Survey

    • Pavement surveys
    • Bay patterns
    • Rehabilitation surveys
    • Airfield lighting
    • Ground penetrating radar, cable tracing & visual utility surveys
    • Underground service plans
    • Inspection chamber records
    • Design compliance checks
    • Engineering survey control establishment
  • UAV PAPI Siting

    • Runway, threshold & location surveying
    • Mean eye height over threshold harmonisation
    • Runway point of intercept calculation
    • UAV visual checks and photo reporting

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